08/30/2012 03:42 pm ET

Celebrity Workout Videos: Angela Lansbury's Got Moves In 1988 Exercise Tape

She may have written the book on crime-solving, but Angela Lansbury also seems to have penned a chapter on fitness. In a 1988 exercise video, the now 86-year-old takes us through her daily health routine (h/t Vulture).

"Spend about 20 minutes with me and we will stretch some more and then have some fun with what I call feeling free," Lansbury tells viewers.

But Lansbury isn't the only one with a "feel the burn" video past. Shirley MacLaine, Marky Mark and Marie Osmond have all lunged in front of the camera to share their fitness secrets.

Check out these celebrity workout videos below and head over to Vulture for more.


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