If you're looking to spend your afternoon looking at GIFs of one of the greatest animated series of all time, you're in luck.

We decided to compile 35 of the funniest GIFs featuring "The Simpsons" because why not? We don't need a reason to laugh at Homer, Bart and the rest of the yellow gang doing their thing in GIF form. And guess what? You don't need one either.

Whether you're still an avid fan or miss the show's earlier days, you're going to like these GIFs. That is, unless you don't like "The Simpsons" at all, in which case, maybe you should be looking at these GIFs instead.

The 24th season of "The Simpsons" airs Sunday, Sept. 30 on Fox.

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  • Hiding In A Hedge

  • Bart On Conan

  • It's A Hard Life, Homer

  • Bart Dancing

  • Flossing Homer

  • Death Comes To The Simpsons

  • Mr. Burns Baseball

  • Running Machine Homer

  • Marge Upset

  • Mashed Potatoes Homer

  • Bart Hospital

  • Donut Machine

  • Bart Jammin'

  • Work Lunch Homer

  • Dog Attack Homer

  • Save The Queen

  • Play That Jug, Lisa

  • Homer And Santa's Little Helper

  • Homer Strangling Bart

  • Bart's Belt

  • How Everyone Watches TV

  • Dancing Around Lisa

  • Homer As Inflatable Doll

  • Homer Freaks Out

  • Bart Skateboarding

  • Homer And Beer

  • Homer Fails The Knife Game

  • Bart Turkey Butt

  • Homer's Belly

  • Simpson Kids

  • Homer and Marge

  • Between A Rock And A Hard Place

  • Depressed Homer

  • Spider Pig

  • Laughing At You

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