There are a few places where you can always count on finding a cat, like inside a kitty condo or on that sunny spot on the carpet. But cats also do whatever they want. Because they're cats.

For instance, they might decide to loiter in some pretty unexpected places, like inside a jar of cheese balls or in the arms of a raccoon. One day you might be trying to play pool or use your dryer and boom! There's a cat.

And there's nothing you can do about it.

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  • Pool Table Cat

    Don't scratch.

  • Raccoon Cat

    Excuse me, is this yours?

  • Hangers Cat

    Keeping your clothes cute.

  • Refrigerator Cat

    No cheezburgers in here.

  • Garbage Bin Cat

    She has a little self-esteem problem.

  • Sink Cat

    Um, a little privacy please?

  • Cat In College

    He's really good a calculus.

  • Health Center Cat

    Notice: "We are aware that the cat is frequently in the health centre and we do all we can to remove it but it comes back every time there is an opportunity to do so."

  • Tequila Cat

    "I told you to be careful."

  • Worker Cat

    Working for the weekend.

  • Lecture Cat

    She's majoring in cat-thropology.

  • Oven Cat

    "OK, joke's over... Right?"

  • Cup Holder Cat

    Put it in "D" for "D'aww."

  • Bowl Cat

    There's no way this is comfortable.

  • Vase Cat

    This spot's taken.

  • Kettle Cat

    Tea time is going to have to wait.

  • Laundry Cat

    Snuggle has nothing on this little guy.

  • Envelope Cat

    Unfortunately, kittens aren't legal tender (yet).

  • Desk Cat

    Still looking for the Johnson file.

  • Book Store Cat

    Sometimes there's nothing like a good book and a nap.

  • Beer Cat

    You're running low on brewskies, bro.

  • Ceiling Cat

    Watching your every move.

  • Toilet Cat

    Another reason you should always look before you sit.

  • Cheese Ball Cat

    Getting out is the tricky part.

  • Shower Cat

    Cousin of <a href="" target="_hplink">monorail cat</a>.

  • Attic Cat

    So that's who's been rearranging all the Christmas decorations.

  • DVD Cat

    He's there to make sure you don't watch "The Notebook" alone again.

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