We warn you, these cocktails are not for the faint of heart. They come to us via Miss Cakehead, the force behind creepy edible creations like anatomically correct macarons and unsettlingly gory cakes.

Like the aforementioned macarons, these cocktails will be featured at Miss Cakehead's adults-only pop-up cakeshop, Eat Your Heart Out, at St. Bart's Pathology Museum in London between October 26 and 29. They were created by James Dance of Loading, a Falmouth based internet café and games arcade.

The drinks without question push the boundaries of taste in both a sensory and moral sense, but they're indisputably creative. Take, for instance, the "Stomach Contents" cocktail, which Miss Cakehead describes in a release:

...the vodka in ‘Stomach Contents’ hasn’t been skimmed to purposefully ensure it will visibly contain the perfect teenage diet of chocolate pieces and skittles, the drink garnished with empty pill casings. A shot of absinthe on the top will be reflective of the green hue of stomach bile.

Get a load of Miss Cakehead's other gross cocktail creations in the below gallery at your own risk.

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  • Charred Remains

    Made with vodka, Jack Daniels and a crispy meat garnish.

  • Stool Sample

    Creamy drink with cocoa, strawberry syrup and fudge.

  • Urine

    Offered in a sample bottle and served warm.

  • Sanitizer

    Designed as a palate cleanser.

  • Lard

    A solid fatty layer on top is made from white chocolate melted and reset to create the desired effect.

  • Stomach Contents

    The flavored vodka in this drink was left unskimmed to give it the look of a teenage diet of chocolate pieces and skittles. A shot of absinth on top gives it a greenish hue. Garnished with empty pill casings.

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