Quick, there's only one more official cookout day left! Grab anything that looks like a rack and throw it over some coals STAT! What's that? No, we don't care what it was originally used for... fire kills everything bad and leaves only sweet, sweet burgers and dogs behind.

After all, we're Americans. We innovate. It's our thing.

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  • Shopping Cart Grill

    Shopping carts will be a recurring theme, but we really appreciate that this one appears to be in a public place.

  • Radiator And A Grill

    Not really for cooking sausages.

  • Just Radiator Grill

    Definitely for cooking sausages.

  • Shopping Cart Over Fire Grill

    Just don't touch the sides.

  • Chair Grill

    You can also kick back after you're done cooking.

  • Grill With Roof

    So classy.

  • Straightener Grill

    Clearly, what this device was actually invented for.

  • Soda Can Grill

    Such a quick fix!

  • Car Grill

    When your car accidentally gets cut in half and your insurance won't cover the repairs, make lemonade out of those lemons.

  • Brick Grill

    In a pinch...

  • Another Shopping Cart

    It must work so well.

  • Full Car Grill

    So are you just eating exhaust?

  • Toilet Grill

    Who would eat off of this? We all know where it's been.

  • Chimney Grill

    If you want hamburgers, you have to work for them!

  • Second Floor Grill

    For morning bacon.

  • Tub Grill

    Still probably not safe...

  • Stove Becomes Grill

    If your stove just isn't working.

  • Pig Roasting Grill

    There's nothing like a good old-fashioned pig roast.

  • Flower Pot Grill

    This has to be healthier than actual grilling, right?

  • Ladder Grill

    Surprisingly, this isn't the only ladder grill.

  • Computer Grill

    Here's one thing to do with an old computer.

  • Wheelbarrow Grill

    This has to work perfectly!

  • Double Grill

    Grill mother and baby.

  • What Is This Grill?

    There are just so many parts.

  • Another Ladder Grill

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