Our readers have been thoroughly enjoying the end of summer. From dancing the night away at the Made in America festival in Philadelphia to hiking in Washington state, co-piloting planes to Minnesota and brunching with friends, it was a busy Labor Day weekend all around!

As a reminder, the premise of "Best Weekend Ever" is that as much as you look forward to the weekend, it's also fun to look back on the amazing couple of days you just had and appreciate that time.

Next weekend, snap a picture and send it to women@huffingtonpost.com. We'll feature it here on Monday's Best Weekend Ever slideshow, and add our favorite weekly submission to our "Best Weekend Ever" Pinterest Board.

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  • I led a group to the summit of Second Burroughs, elev 7400'. It's the site of one of the best - and closest - views of Mt. Rainier, in the background. It was a glorious day of wildflowers, stunning views, great exercise and fabulous friends!

  • This Atlanta girl was treated to some golf in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The scenery was amazing and I was very girlie in my pink!

  • Last of summer's berries

    <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/social/alicep_spaulding"><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="http://images.huffingtonpost.com/google_profile_img/3782014.png" /></a><a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/social/alicep_spaulding">alicep spaulding</a>:<br />Last of summer's blueberries.

  • Cara

    My girlfriend and I went kayaking!!

  • Tara

    My friend Allison and I went to the Belgium Beer Festival in Brussels, Belgium to sample all of the great Belgian beers. This is one of my favorite giant beers I had there!

  • Dog days at the pool.

  • I went striper fishing with my family on the Chesapeake Bay off of Tilghman Island, MD!

  • Vail with my best friend in the world Harley, an 8 year old Doberman:)

  • Myself and my musical partner rocked out our show for opening weekend of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. I'm making my " guitar face " here. Srsly... we ALL do it... and we know it. ;o)

  • Tree in Beverly Hills

  • Flew copilot from Minnesota to Iowa to see President Obama and The National!

  • Best weekend in Galveston, TX

  • SiStarHood

  • I ate all of them - with champagne of course.

  • I took my family for a magic hour sailboat cruise off the coast of the "Irish Riviera", Scituate Mass. As soon as we were underway, the young deckhand surprised us with a violin and played Celtic music for us. Oh Danny Boy! Best weekend ever!

  • Best weekend with my sisters at Fort Lauderdale Beach

  • I went to the Made in America concert in Philadelphia!

  • I recently moved out of state, and three of my girlfriends came to visit my husband and me over Labor Day weekend. We had a lovely brunch on Sunday with bottomless mimosas (I'm on the far right)!

  • Portrait of Sisterhood Pool Party at Sandra Allen-Herelle's house with the Allen sisters and their aunt, plus Martha, Maria & me (Mariana Pavetto).

  • Highest peak in Vermont with my 9 year old daughter, Claire.

  • I'm a military spouse and blogger who took our kids up to the Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain, to go sledding in the first snow of the season yesterday!

  • My son (4 and in stripes) in Colorado got to play with his cousin (3 and with a hook) who lives in LA. Both love pirates. #venezuelan #reunion #familia

  • Took the back roads in Florida home from a theme park and came upon this beauty in Avon Park in US Hwy 27.

  • Sunday with my two boys and my mother at the Del Mar Horse Races in San Diego.

  • Made in America Festival in Philly! Saw Pearl Jam and JayZ!

  • Spent the weekend with my four beautiful aunts who were on their "sisters weekend" at Mexico Beach, FL. Mama died several years ago so since I am the oldest niece too, I got invited on this trip. My Aunt Earlene, second from left, is currently going thru chemo. I'm thankful and very blessed to have these women in my life.

  • My name is Tanja Maduzia - here is what Labor Day looks like in sunny Los Angeles!

  • I am a co-producer for an independent travel show Give and Getaway: Volunteer Vacations. My co-producer and I both live and DC, but we've currently been traveling throughout Southeast Asia filming two episodes for our show. The show's concept is to show true experiences of what it's like to volunteer abroad.We've just finished filming an episode in Thailand where we volunteered and filmed an organization where we helped teach English and computer skills, We are currently in Sri Lanka volunteering at an elephant rescue site. We spent our weekend filming an elephant named Bandara with an injured foot that is currently receiving treatment. It was fascinating to watch the doctor at work. I've passed along some production skills, but we'd also really love to talk about our trip to whoever is willing to hear it! You can follow us on Twitter twitter.com/giveandgetaway Facebook: www.facebook.com/giveandgetaway and visit the website www.give-getaway.com

  • I spent mine with my two cute nephews Hyme and Baby Diel..

  • Attached is a picture of the Gluten Free- Shirley Temple (kiddie cocktail if you will) cupcakes I made for my little cousins. Amazing!!!

  • From NYC to the land of 10,000 lakes for a weekend of fun and food! This little chocolate-dipped cheesecake was just one of the 43 different food stuffs we dressed up like superheroes...and subsequently devoured without mercy. Nom nom nom!

  • Best friend and I went to a sunflower field in Maryland!

  • This is my wife and I volunteering at Bumbershoot. Neon statue by Seattle artist, Dylan Neuwirth.

  • On Saturday, September 1, 2012, I went to visit my alma mater, Penn State, to see the football team play. I hadn't been inside Beaver Stadium in 20+ years. I travelled far, and it was SO HOT that day, but I was SO PROUD to cheer them on and represent the next chapter. #oneteam

  • Went with my friends to the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge in Mississippi. That's a gator in the water behind us!

  • Mommy, I love grapes. Honey, we have something in common cause I love wine.

  • With cute boyfriend :)

  • I taught my dog, Mr. Bones, how to drive on our 15hr road trip from Savannah back home to NYC. :-)