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DNC Drinking Game: Tune In, Drink Up, Black Out

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We've got one more week of this convention insanity, and we're all probably going to need a few cocktails to get through it. As a service organization, HuffPost Comedy is here to help. Thus, we give you our official DNC drinking game. Follow these rules to the letter and it'll be next week before you know it.

DISCLAIMER: Don't actually do this... you will die, probably.

If This...Do This
The Obamas recreate their fist bumpDo two shots and fist bump anyone in bumping distance
Michelle Obama's health initiative mentionedMake a sensible salad, pour a heart-healthy glass of red wine over it, eat with fingers
Plight of the middle class mentionedTake a tiny sip of the cheapest liquor you have... times are tough
Obama says "my opponent" instead of "Mitt Romney"Peel the label off your beer and eat it
Kal Penn drops some hip lingoTake a shot of whatever the kids are drinking
Someone speaks SpanishShot of tequila, but only after you send voter registration forms to all your Hispanic friends
Joe Biden appearsDrink whatever you want, as long as it's out of a ceramic jug with an "XXX" label
Healthcare mentionedDrink it all, you're covered
Flagrant social media integration sightingTake a generous swig of screen cleaner
Petey Pablo's "Raise Up" is playedSpike open beer can on floor, take shirt off, spin it 'round your head like a helicopter
A reference is made to Obama's "chair"Break closest chair (or stool) over someone's back & chug a bottle of rubbing alcohol
Osama bin Laden referenceDo six shots for Seal Team 6
Corporate sponsor mentions green energyFunnel a bottle of Apple Pucker
Bill Clinton mentions his '90s recordChug a Budweiser, scream to your buddy "Wazzzzaaaah?"
The war on women mentionedMake a pitcher of cosmos, pour over head of nearest man (if you happen to BE a man, pour over own head, consider ways to improve)

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