NASHVILLE, Tenn. — British boy band One Direction and a U.S. musical group of the same name have reached an agreement that allows the U.K. group to continue use of the name.

The two groups issued a news release from London saying the California-based group will change its name to Uncharted Shores.

The release says both parties are pleased with the resolution.

The quintet of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson came together in 2010 after trying out individually for the British version of "The X Factor." They've since become a sensation and their album "Up All Night" was the first by a U.K act to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 all-genre albums chart.



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  • niall horan.

    The US One Direction renamed their band "Uncharted Shores" I'm sorry but what kind of band name is this? Lololololol.

  • Esperanza✌

    The US One Direction changed their name to Uncharted Shores.....we win👍

  • 1D latest updates

    Bitch please, One Direction is the best band name i've ever heard. Well, not really but yeah! :D :))))

  • LWWY

    One Direction win legal battle to keep their name.

  • Pondering Quotes

    Katy Perry sings what girls wanna do. Taylor Swift sings what a girl wants to say. One Direction sings what a girl wants to hear.

  • Kayla Eata

    When I hear One Direction I turn around like someone just said my name.

  • Noura☆.

    It annoys me when someone says "One Direction is a BRITISH boyband" I mean like hey, how could you forget that one sexy Irish mofo.. Smfh.

  • Emily

    lol one direction you are funny... why aren't we married.

  • Ana Castañeda

    “ Dear parents, I'm obsessed with 5 young, talented boys named, One Direction! Not drugs. Not alcohol. Be thankful..!!!”


    through the hate, through the drama, through the rumors.. it makes us stronger. We Adore One Direction.

  • US One Direction have changed their name, lol

  • Charlie Brigden

    One Direction look like the male equivalent of those creepy toddler pageants they have in the US

  • ツ You ♪♫

    RT @1DUpdates_UK: One Direction have been allowed to keep their name after battle with US boyband, One Direction.

  • rey.

    How's the US One Direction doing, still irrelevant, thought so.