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Feel The Love: Michelle Obama's Sucessful Speech Formula

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First Lady Michelle Obama has been roundly praised for her Democratic National Convention speech, which offered a narrative of the American dream, complete with rusted car, junk furniture and outgrown shoes, while demonstrating a nuanced grasp of how to appeal to female voters.

The first lady managed to tell her own story and address the subject of women's health -- while never going more than three minutes between mentions of her husband and never naming the other party's candidate.

Obama shared her initial concern that moving the family into the White House would be tough, posited in the middle of her remarks on how much more she loves her husband now than four or even 23 years ago, and closed by invoking her mom-in-chief title and its attending responsibilities.

HuffPost Off the Bus bloggers tracked mentions in real time during speeches using the new Convention Mention Meter, finding Michelle Obama had more than twice as much wifely praise throughout her speech than Ann Romney had in hers.

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