09/05/2012 07:42 pm ET

Mel Gibson Divorce: Ex-Wife Robyn Moore To Get Portion Of Retirement Benefits

Mel Gibson may be paying for his divorce long after retirement.

According to TMZ, Gibson's ex-wife, Robyn Moore, will receive a large portion of his retirement benefits. The news comes after reports that Moore will walk away with half of Gibson's estimated $800 million fortune because the pair has no prenup.

The former spouses, who have seven kids together, separated in 2006 after 26 years of marriage. Moore filed for divorce in April 2009, and the split became final in December 2011.

The settlement may be one of the most expensive in Hollywood history, but Gibson is hardly the first celeb to shell out a pretty penny to his ex. Click through the slideshow below to test your knowledge of larger-than-life divorce payouts.

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