09/05/2012 01:47 pm ET | Updated Sep 05, 2012

Naps At The Huffington Post's Oasis 2012: Who's Resting?

Napping is all the rage at The Huffington Post's Oasis. We showed you nap pods at the RNC and Air Naps at the DNC.

While all this nap technology is surely impressive, there's something to be said for old-fashioned napping. Whether you drift off in an armchair with your head cocked to one side, or you prefer the fetal position on the sofa, the casual nap can never be replaced.

See who's catching some ZZZs the old-fashioned way in the slideshow below.

Bonus: We've included Healthy Living's senior editor Laura Schocker's nap playlist within the slideshow. Take a listen and let us know what songs you like to drift off to in the comments sections below.

Napping At The Oasis

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