Raccoons In Golden Gate Park: Adorable Kits Captured Playing In San Francisco (PHOTOS)

09/05/2012 08:39 pm ET

Some pretty strange and interesting creatures live in Golden Gate Park (and no, we don't mean homeless people).

Over the past year, everything from the eccentric American Coot to the sly coyote have been caught playing in the wildlife wonderland. And now we can add the most adorable baby raccoons ever to the list.


San Francisco's own amazing wildlife photographer David Cruz captured lovely photos of the kits at play.

You're likely to see many of the babies enjoying the area around North Lake, across the street from the bison paddock. One particularly eccentric San Franciscan even thinks the darling little things make good neighbors.

Look through the slideshow below too see the charming creatures for yourself:

Raccoon Kit Season In Golden Gate Park