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Reusing Plastic Bags: Tips For Making The Most Out Of Ziplocs

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From Networx's Sayward Rebhal:

You know the bags I mean – The Brand Which Will Not Be Named, and all of it’s many knock-offs. These days they come in a million different sizes, for sandwiches and snacks and freezers and beyond. They have that oh-so-handy zipper-like locking top, and they’re made from that inexpensive, durable, eco-nightmare of a material: cheap plastic.

They’re hard to shake, I’ll give you that. Convenience, man! They really are just so convenient. So maybe you still have a box of them lying around. Maybe you have plans of buying a reusable variety once they’re gone (good for you!). In the mean time, what will you do to maximize the usage from the ones you’ve already got? Here’s a few ideas:

List and captions courtesy of Networx

Reuses For Plastic Baggies
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