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Iraq Violence: Attacks Against Shiite Mosques Kill At Least 8, Injure Scores

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SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq — Three separate bomb attacks against Shiite mosques in a volatile northern Iraqi city killed eight civilians on Friday and injured 70 others, police said.

Kirkuk police commander Brig. Gen. Sarhad Qadir said the blasts took place as worshipers were leaving mosques.

Qadir said the deadliest attack occurred when a parked car bomb went off in Kirkuk's southern Domiz area. A second bomb exploded after police and rescuers rushed to the scene. Both bombs killed a total of eight and wounded 36.

Three other bombs targeted two more mosques in the center of the city, causing 34 injuries but no fatalities.

As in other Muslim countries, Friday sermons draw crowds of worshippers in Iraq.

Kirkuk, 290 kilometers (180 miles) north of Baghdad, is home to a combustible mix of Kurds, Sunni Arabs and Turkomen who all claim rights to the city and the oil-rich lands around it.

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