We are simple creatures. We mostly think about food. Sometimes we're thinking of food we've recently eaten. Sometimes we're thinking of food we'd like to make. Sometimes, when our imaginations begin to run out of steam, we wander over to Vimeo and dig around for a food video. If you give us pretty moving pictures of food to look at, it really gives our imaginations a break. Bonus points if those pretty moving pictures are of molten chocolate cake.

We get really excited when we find a new food video that we love. This one, "Molten Chocolate Cake with Maple Whipped Cream" by Claire Thomas is the one we can't stop watching this week. THIS is how you make a food video, everyone. Simple directions, lovely light, beautiful food and catchy music.

Do you have a favorite food video? We'd love to see it! Give us a shout in the comments, since we're always looking for pretty things to drool over.

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