Fans Fight At Raiders Season Opener Against Chargers At Coliseum (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

09/12/2012 05:20 pm ET

The fan violence that has been far too prevalent in stadiums across the country erupted yet again on Monday when a few unruly fans apparently began to brawl in the stands of Coliseum during the Raiders-Chargers game. According to AP photographer Ben Margot, who captured a few of these heated moments, the fight broke out during the second half of the "Monday Night Football" matchup.

Unfortunately, this wasn't even the only incident of fans arguing and fighting in the stands from Week 1 of the NFL season. A video was uploaded to YouTube of a group of Buffalo Bills supporters embroiled in a small fight at the New York Jets' home opener at MetLife Stadium.

Take a look below at more photos of the altercation at the Raiders-Chargers game.

Fans Fight At Raiders Season Opener

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