Baseball hats bring a few notions to mind, including the celebration of the great American pastime, teenage boys in well-worn caps that hide the inevitable "hathead" and of course, a popular accessory for the post-workout dash home. Here at Stylelist, we generally shy away from the super-casual topper in favor of chic caps like fedoras, or '70s style floppy chapeaus. That said, sporty athleticism was a big trend this spring, and the cap was seen on the runway at Kenzo. We are even seeing some of our favorite stars hit the town in baseball hats, and not only to hide from the paparazzi. So, with the World Series just around the corner, we are considering dusting off that old Yankees cap.

It can't be denied that any hat that protects your skin from the sun is aces. But working a baseball cap into your sleek, stylish fall wardrobe has even the most fashionable of us stumped. So before you stick your favorite cap in the dishwasher (it's the best way to clean the caps, trust us), take note of a few style tips from our favorite stars.

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  • Rihanna

    August 2012, London FilmMagic

  • Dree Hemingway

    June 2012, New York City Getty Images

  • Kristen Stewart

    Coachella, April 2012 Pacific Coast News

  • Lana Del Rey

    February 2012, New York City Getty Images

  • Christina Milian

    October 2010, Los Angeles WireImage

  • Eva Longoria

    September 2010, Toronto WireImage

  • Madonna

    September 2010, New York City BuzzFoto/FilmMagic

  • Tara Reid

    September 2010, Miami FilmMagic

  • Snooki Polizzi

    August 2010, New Jersey BuzzFoto/FilmMagic

  • Naomi Campbell

    July 2010, Italy FilmMagic

  • Ciara

    July 2010, Los Angeles BuzzFoto/FilmMagic

  • Nelly Furtado

    May 2010, London FilmMagic

  • Princess Beatrice of York

    April 2010, London Getty Images

  • Geri Halliwell

    March 2010, London FilmMagic

  • Hilary Swank

    February 2010, Florida WireImage

  • Lindsay Lohan

    December 2009, New York City WireImage

  • Lauren Conrad

    June 2009, Los Angeles WireImage

  • Jessica Biel

    April 2009, New York City FilmMagic

  • Katy Perry

    October 2008, Sydney FilmMagic

  • Maria Menounos

    May 2008, Huntington Beach WireImage

  • Lily Allen

    March 2007, London FilmMagic

  • Missy Elliott

    June 2006, Los Angeles Getty Images

  • Jennifer Lopez

    May 2005, New York City WireImage

  • Heidi Klum

    November 2004, New York City Getty Images

  • Eva Mendes

    May 2004, New York City WireImage

  • Lil' Kim

    April 2004, Long Beach Getty Images

  • Christina Aguilera

    February 2003, Los Angeles WireImage

  • Beyonce

    November 2002, New York City WireImage