Sears often offers a multitude of deals for customers, but free snakes with the purchase of a dishwasher is definitely a novel idea.

Sears customer Jessica Hasson said she got a surprise when her dishwasher was delivered with a live snake taped to the machine. Hasson tweeted a photo of the reptile:


Jessica Hasson
A photo for everyone. delivered a live snake to my house taped to a dishwasher.

"Luckily, my boyfriend saw it first," Hasson, who resides in California, told Business Insider. "I was on the phone with the Sears at the time because they forgot to deliver the panels and handles with the dishwasher. I refused to go near it."

She ordered the dishwasher, a double drawer Kenmore Elite, from It was shipped from Tampa, Fla.

Although Sears has apologized to Hasson and picked up the dishwasher along with the snake, "they're confused about how to get me a replacement delivered and installed," she told Business Insider.

She tweeted about her Sears customer service woes, writing, "15 people, 4 hours later. Dishwasher is coming next Wednesday, but I am still out 500.00+ for cost diff. #searsfail #snakesonadeliverytruck."

But sometimes mix-ups happen.

Earlier this year, Seth Horvitz from Washington, D.C., ordered a flat-panel television and got a high-powered assault rifle instead, WTTG-FOX 5 reported at the time. He ordered the television from a third-party seller on When he saw he had received a semi-automatic SIG716 rifle, he called the police.

"[The police] were a little confused at first, they've never seen anything quite like it," Horvitz told Fox 5.

sears delivers live snake photo

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