Amanda Bynes' driving woes came to an abrupt end on Sunday when, after she was caught on the road with a suspended license, her car was impounded. But the former teen star's diminished driving abilities aren't the only thing going south -- the actress has also been displaying peculiar behavior as of late, such as smoking from a pipe in her parked vehicle and locking herself in a dressing room for two hours. Here, a round-up of Hollywood drivers who could keep Bynes in check.

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  • Doc and Marty McFly could whisk Bynes to the year 2006, when she was starring in "She's the Man" and everything was okay.

  • Bynes would try getting into the front seat, and Ryan Gosling's steely carapace would immediately shut that idea down.

  • Christian Bale

    Imagine Christian Bale's Batman saying [raspy voice]: "Amanda. Amanda. Get in the car." Yeah, we're terrified too.

  • Even Bynes would be impressed by the recklessness of Tom Cruise's driving in "Days of Thunder."

  • Bynes might learn a thing or two from Morgan Freeman's classy performance as a chauffeur working in a segregated Atlanta in "Driving Miss Daisy."

  • Bynes might roll her eyes at Abigail Breslin and her bandwagon of misfits, but she'll soon realize that a silent Paul Dano is her best audience.

  • "Dude, it's been impounded!"

  • Perhaps Bynes is taking inspiration from "Heart Like A Wheel" and Shirley Muldowney's story: Both women are determined to stay on the road.

  • Lindsay Lohan in "Herbie".... okay, maybe not.

  • With 94 years of driving experience behind her, 102-year-old Margaret Dunning could surely teach Bynes patience on the road -- and all in style. Dunning drives a gorgeous antique car, a 1930 Packard 740 Roadster.