Sweet Schoolboy Satchel Bags For Grownups (PHOTOS)

09/17/2012 09:47 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

This week we witnessed thousands of kids going back to school, trudging along the sidewalk in backpacks that are almost as large as they are. While we love a backpack, we are just as excited to try out another trend inspired by the school-going set: the schoolboy satchel.

The fashionable-yet-functional bag is large enough to fit your iPad or laptop (or your Algebra textbook, as it were), but fitted with a sturdy strap so as to offer back support (and avoid pesky shoulder pain). Similar in shape and size to a briefcase, but so much cooler, you should think of these bags as a nice alternative to the ever-popular cross-body bag.

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Stylelist 7: Schoolboy Satchels