09/18/2012 04:33 pm ET Updated Sep 19, 2012

Prince A No-Show For IRS Summons Over French Tax Investigation

The recording artist Prince appears to have thumbed his nose at both the Internal Revenue Service and the French.

Acting on behalf of French tax authorities, the IRS summoned Prince -- né Prince Rogers Nelson -- to make an appearance with the tax man in order to determine if he owed taxes to France for performances in that country in 2009 and 2010, according to Bloomberg.

But the recording star was a no-show for the recent summons request. A court has been asked to enforce the matter.

Prince also has had tax troubles in his home state of Minnesota and had to make amends for $1.3 million in delinquent property taxes he owed for 2009 and 2010.

Tax troubles are nothing new for musicians. Lauryn Hill, who has won eight Grammy awards, pleaded guilty in June for not paying taxes on $1.5 million she earned over three years.

R. Kelly also has a history of tax avoidance. The Chicago-born R&B singer owes nearly $5 million in upaid taxes, dating back as far as 2005, according to the Chicago Tribune.

After he got into tax trouble with the IRS a few years back, rapper Slim Thug this year published his own personal finance book for would-be rappers and singers. His main advice: "Know your taxes and math because you got to pay or your ass is going to jail."

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