Hooray! Mitt Romney finally apologized to the 47% of the county that he basically said are freeloaders! Now, his potentially campaign-collapsing leaked video will be totally fine.

What? It was Jimmy Fallon doing a Romney impression? Fine, if you say so.

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  • Amy Poehler As Hillary Clinton

    Good thing Amy looks dazzling in all those pastel suits.

  • Tina Fey As Sarah Palin

    Is this hilarious? You betcha!

  • Will Ferrell As George W. Bush

    Big thanks to Ferrell and the "SNL" writers for inventing the word "Strategery."

  • Vaughn Meader As John F. Kennedy

    Close your eyes and it is exactly JFK!

  • John Belushi As Henry Kissinger

    Find out both the high point and low point of Kissinger's time as secretary of state.

  • Dana Carvey As George H.W. Bush

    Before Will Ferrell became the most recognized Bush on "SNL," Dana Carvey reigned.

  • Mike Tyson As Herman Cain

    While Kenan Thompson certainly delivers on "SNL," you can't beat Mike Tyson's portrayal of comedy's favorite GOP candidiate of the year.

  • Chris Farley As Newt Gingrich

    If only we could see Farley's 2012 Gingrich impression. RIP.

  • Chevy Chase As Gerald Ford

    This is also a good reminder of how attractive Chevy Chase used to be.

  • Phil Hartman As Ronald Reagan

  • David Frye As Richard Nixon

    Frye made a career out of this spot-on impression. <a href="http://snl.jt.org/imp.php?i=11" target="_hplink">Dan Aykroyd's Nixon </a>wasn't bad either.

  • Jon Lovitz As Michael Dukakis

    Just wait until the end.

  • Darrell Hammond As Bill Clinton

    The lip bite seals the deal.

  • Fred Armisen As Barack Obama

    We have to give Armisen some credit for attempting to do <a href="http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/cosby-obama/1386282" target="_hplink">his Bill Cosby impression</a> on top of his Obama impression.

  • Andy Samberg As Rahm Emanuel

    "Are you ready to let the part of you that's human die?"

  • Jay Pharaoh: President Obama

    Perhaps this "SNL" newcomer can do Obama's next four years.

  • Dana Carvey As Ross Perot

    Who could forget this classic?

  • Dan Aykroyd As Jimmy Carter

    Carter has all the answers.

  • Will Ferrell As Janet Reno

    Next to his Dubya, this is the best.

  • Darrell Hammond As Dick Cheney

    The winks are what truly make the impression work.

  • Norm MacDonald As Bob Dole

    These are the times when Norm's monotone whining really comes in handy.

  • Kristen Wiig As Michele Bachmann

    No one captures that wide-eyed, empty stare quite like she does.

  • Jason Sudeikis As Joe Biden

    "When Americans chose Barack Obama, they also got me: Joe Biden."

  • Bill Hader As Rick Perry

    "I'm not gonna be President, am I?"

  • Fred Armisen As David Paterson

    The only place where this might not get a laugh? New Jersey!

  • Bill Hader As Eliot Spitzer

    Hader and Seth Meyers are understandably losing it for most of this sketch.

  • Kenan Thompson As Jimmy McMillan

    It may be hard to parody someone who's already a human caricature, but Kenan gives Jimmy McMillan the perfect send-up.

  • Jason Sudeikis As Rod Blagojevich

    How much hairspray do you think the stylist had to put on that wig?

  • Jordan Peele As Barack Obama (NSFW)

    We had to include just one more Obama impression, especially since half the credit belongs to Keegan-Michael Key as Luther, Obama's "anger translator."

  • Kristen Wiig As Nancy Pelosi

    "Re-runs of 'Touched By An Angel,' re-runs of 'Magnum P.I.' Now watch this, 'Millions Without Healthcare."

  • Phil Hartman As Bill Clinton

    We couldn't decide between Hartman or Hammond. Who could?

  • Al Franken As Henry Kissinger

    In this 1980 bit from a Grateful Dead concert movie, Franken's late comedy partner Tom Davis interviews his spot-on Kissinger impression.

  • James Adomian As George W. Bush

    Try telling us he doesn't give Will Ferrell a run for his money.

  • James Adomian As Jesse Ventura

    How is he not on "SNL" yet?

  • Darrell Hammond As John McCain

    "Barack Obama has fathered two black children in wedlock."

  • Jason Sudeikis As Mitt Romney

    Leave it to the best "straight man" on "SNL" to play the year's least eccentric GOP candidate.