09/20/2012 09:10 am ET

Krispy Kreme Pirate Prank: Man In Eye-Patch Causes Confusion During Pirate Promotion (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, Krispy Kreme celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day by giving a free glazed donut to anyone who used pirate lingo at one of their stores. Customers who dressed in full pirate regalia were offered a full dozen donuts.

When HuffPost Taste editor Kristen Aiken told us about the event, and speculated about what would happen if a person with a real eye problem (that forced them to wear a real eye patch) happened to visit a Krispy Kreme that day, we knew we had to find out.

Armed with an eye patch, a red bandanna and a videocamera, we set out for New York City's only Krispy Kreme location, in Penn Station.

Watch the video above to see what happened.


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