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Colbert Compares Romney's Leaked Tape To President Obama's (VIDEO)

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By now, a leaked tape of Mitt Romney writing off half the country has all but spelled certain doom for the Republican presidential candidate. But not for nothing, Fox News unearthed their own tape of Barack Obama from 1998, in which the future president says that he embraces redistribution of wealth. And Stephen Colbert, for one, is outraged.

If you're not a regular watcher of Fox News, you may have missed their attempt to conflate the 49-minute video of Mitt from a fundraiser in May to a minute and a half clip of Obama from fourteen years ago in which he makes the radical argument that redistribution is a positive thing.

But Colbert won't let it slide, so he spells out Obama's nightmarish plan for the country. "Here's his vision for America, folks: You pay taxes into a single federal agency, who then pools it and 'redistributes' it across the country to build roads and bridges, sometimes to states you don't live in. I bet Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his federally maintained grave."

Watch the full clip above to see Stephen compare and contrast the two leaked videos, both of which represent a sure loss for Obama and/or Romney.

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