09/20/2012 03:59 pm ET | Updated Sep 20, 2012

Emmys 2012 By The Numbers: How Much Does An Emmy Statue Weigh? And Every Emmys Host In History (INFOGRAPHIC)

The 2012 Emmys are almost upon us, so maybe now is a good time to get acquainted with some basic facts about the ceremony that honors the best and brightest in TV. This infographic from runs through the Emmys by the numbers, answering questions like, "How much does an Emmy weigh?" (about the size of a newborn baby) and, "How many statues do they make for one Prime Emmys?"

It also lists every Emmys host in history and notes that the statues are handled only with white gloves as they are being made to prevent fingerprints ... as they should be.

emmys 2012 infographic

Infographic via: and @TheCredits on Twitter.

Emmy Nominees 2012