09/20/2012 12:52 pm ET Updated Sep 20, 2012

Romney Reboot Of 'Specifics' Revealed (VIDEO)

A major part of the Romney campaign's recent strategy "reboot" was to lay out more specifics about the candidate's positions on issues important to Americans. As adviser Ed Gillespie put it in a conference call with reporters on Monday, "After a successful convention where people learned and voters learned a lot about Mitt Romney the person, they're eager to hear more details about policies."

In fact, the release of a clandestinely recorded Romney Q-and-A with donors at a closed-door fundraiser in May revealed far more specifics than anyone expected.

With the assistance of the Romney campaign's own advertising on topics ranging from the economy to entitlements to immigration and foreign policy, we show just how much Romney's soaring rhetoric in campaign materials clashes with the "specifics" he told donors in a closed room.


Republican National Convention 2012
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