A UK supermarket chain is now a one-stop-shop for all of your family's needs -- bread, milk, eggs and... divorce?

Beginning Thursday, the Co-Operative supermarket is offering eight divorce and legal separation kits ranging in price from £99 to £475 in its 2,800 grocery store locations as well as its 350 bank branches. Options include DIY divorces, managed divorces and managed judicial separations separations.

Shoppers interested in DIY divorces are instructed to call a hotline, after which they will receive a package in the mail with necessary paperwork and a guide to ensure all forms are filled out in a way that makes them legally binding.

Critics of the offer, such as founder and chairman of The Marriage Foundation, Sir Paul Coleridge, worry about the consequences of making the process so easy and affordable.

"Online and DIY divorces may make the legal paperwork quicker, but the breakdown of the relationship and its consequences are long-lasting," he told The Daily Mail. "We want to see access to relationship support and education made even easier than online divorce. Where possible, we believe people should ‘mend it, not end it’."

The Co-Operative isn't the first supermarket to shill out splits. In May, Springwise reported that the Mexican law firm Abogados Postulantes en Sociedad began selling divorce gift cards for 200 pesos ($15.70) in supermarkets as a marketing tool for its online divorce business. The cost of the gift card would then be deducted from the final divorce bill.

Though a novel idea, it's not the first divorce marketing ploy we've seen. Here, five vacation destinations that cater to divorcees:

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  • The Divorce Hotel

    For €2,500, you and your soon-to-be ex can check in to the <a href="http://www.pretorianews.co.za/no-romance-no-nookie-at-this-hotel-1.1115946" target="_hplink">Divorce Hotel </a>in the Netherlands and officially dissolve your marriage in one short weekend. Prior to arrival, the manager will conduct a pre-consultation session to ensure a smooth and successful divorce process. The hotel offers two single rooms, help from an estate agent, and access to psychologists to help you get the closure that you need.

  • The Heartbreak Hotel Agency

    Thought that the Heartbreak Hotel only existed in Elvis Presley songs? Think again. The Heartbreak Hotels, located in Holland and Belgium, take care of the logistical hassles of divorce so you don't have to. <a href="http://www.lowbudgetprosper.com/2011/07/05/hotel-business-niche-48-hour-five-star-divorce/#more-1601" target="_hplink">During their stay</a>, separating husbands and wives are provided with a team of financial consultants, lawyers, and psychologists who handle all the paperwork necessary to file the divorce, while the soon-to-be exes relax. According to <a href="http://in.news.yahoo.com/hollands-heartbreak-hotel-offers-estranged-couples-divorce-48-101545300.html" target="_hplink">Jim Halfens</a>, the Dutch entrepreneur behind the venture, "The idea is to give couples an opportunity to go their separate ways in peace and without acrimony. Both have to be firmly committed to the idea of divorce." Check in married, check out legally split!

  • Oasis Of The Seas

    Are you a divorced father who never gets enough quality alone time with his kids? Oasis of the Seas offers a <a href="http://oasisoftheseasallureoftheseas.com/cruise-packages-divorced-dad/" target="_hplink">cruise vacation package</a> designed especially for divorced dads and their children. Customizable packages include adult and kid-friendly activities designed to strengthen the bond between you and your kids.

  • Montreal VIP Divorce Party Package

    Looking to forget your ex the hard and fast way? <a href="http://www.montrealvip.com/packages/divorceparty.php" target="_hplink">"Montreal VIP" </a> offers the ultimate divorce party package. Treat yourself and friends to a night of fine dining and VIP access to the exclusive Montreal clubs and casinos, starting at $100 per person. They guarantee a unique "re-introduction to single society."

  • Hotel 1000's Spaahh's "Back On The Market" Package

    If an international excursion seems too extravagant (and expensive!), try staying closer to home. Hotel 1000 in downtown Seattle offers a rejuvenating "Back On The Market" package that includes five blissful hours of pampering in it's <a href="http://hotel1000seattle.com/spa.php" target="_hplink">luxury "Spaahh."</a> The treatments will help you put on a brave face by practically giving you a new one with included facial and waxing services.

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