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Bill Clinton Daily Show Interview Includes Remarks On DNC Speech, Criticism Of Mitt Romney

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Bill Clinton looked back on his energizing speech from the 2012 Democratic National Convention on The Daily Show Thursday night.

“I was just determined to get the facts right and to simplify the argument without being simplistic,” Clinton told host Jon Stewart. “I didn’t want to talk down to people. I wanted to explain what I thought was going on.”

Clinton's speech was widely praised, even prompting President Barack Obama to joke about recruiting the former president to help with "explaining stuff."

“After he spoke, somebody sent out a tweet that said “you should appoint him 'secretary of explaining stuff.' I like that!" Obama said to supporters in Florida.

Of his DNC speech, Clinton said “explanation is way more important than eloquence, and rhetoric falls on deaf ears.” He went on to criticize Romney for failing to be specific.

“If I come to you and I say we have this terrible national debt, and here’s my opening gambit -- the first thing I’m going to do is raise it by another $5 trillion over a decade by doing another round of tax cuts that mostly benefit the people who benefitted over the past decade even though it didn’t produce jobs," Clinton said. "Now we’re in a really deep hole, now let me tell you how I’m gonna get out of it. Well what about the details? See me after the election."

Watch The Daily Show interview above.

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