09/21/2012 10:36 am ET | Updated Sep 21, 2012

Tig Notaro To Release Largo Set Via Louis C.K.'s Website (VIDEO)

Tig Notaro has had quite the year. Between a breakup, her mother's unexpected death and a double breast cancer diagnosis, the comedian hasn't had a ton to laugh about in recent months.

But with her double mastectomy behind her and a "great" prognosis, she is releasing the now-legendary set at the Largo, wherein she revealed her diagnosis, on Louis C.K.'s website.

Notaro told Conan O'Brien on Thursday that C.K., who had gone onstage after her performance, called her after having a conversation with Woody Allen (dream lunch?) and told her that the world needed to hear what she'd said.

The special will be available on Louis C.K.'s website for $5 (a release date has yet to be announced) and a portion of the proceeds will go to charity.


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