09/21/2012 12:23 pm ET

Worst Celebrity Breakdowns: Tom Cruise, Christian Bale & More (PHOTOS)

For the past several months we've been witnessing the alarming breakdown of Amanda Bynes -- it's actually been happening over the course of several years, if you count her strange tweets and the announcement she was retiring and then unretiring from acting.

From the multiple car accidents, to bizarre behavior that includes locking herself in a dressing room and getting kicked out of a spinning class, Bynes appears to be spiraling out of control and possibly experiencing some mental health problems. The root of the 26-year-old actress's problems is unclear, but she's obviously not the first celebrity to deteriorate before our eyes.

These breakdowns can range from confusing to heartbreaking, but every year yet another celebrity seems to completely lose it.

Worst Celebrity Meltdowns