Sure, laser pointers can be helpful if you're giving a presentation, but by now it's pretty common knowledge that the best use of these office tools is confusing our pets.

So in honor of the time-honored family room tradition of making the cat chase after a beam of light she can never catch, we've compiled 27 of our favorite animal-on-laser-pointer battles.

It's not the easiest fight, but someone in the family's gotta fight it.

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  • Slick Floor

    This cat's determination is admirable.

  • Drama

    This video really builds a narrative.

  • Going In Circles

    We got dizzy just watching this poor cat.

  • 2 Cats, One Laser

    They really should band together.

  • Dog Obstacle Course

    This dog does a good job of avoiding all of the obstacles in its way.

  • Diplomatic Failure

    So many cats, one dangerous laser.

  • Slow & Steady

    "I.... got.... you!"

  • Interesting Technique

    "I'll keep up with it."

  • Underwater Laser

    Everyone gets in on the game.

  • Laser Attack

    This dog really had no choice.

  • Plopping Pug

    The pug clearly wins.

  • Dog And Baby

    The baby is just as into it as the dog.

  • Super Hyper Dog

    Just keep trying.

  • Attached To The Collar

    This seems cruel, but also smart.

  • Slide Into It

    So close!

  • With Bells On

    The bells really add to this video.

  • Nose Print On The Wall

    It's videos like these that make you wish a dog could actually catch the pointer. So much effort!

  • Laser On Awesome Couch

    This dog deserves an Oscar for its face when the laser goes up the wall.

  • Persistent Dog

    The best part is when the dog looks up at its owner.

  • Bird Panic

    None of them quite know how to relax.

  • Green Laser

    These birds will play along for a while.

  • Dragon Eats Laser

    Ok, this is a little gross.

  • Fish Food

    Is this some new kind of food?

  • A Hungry Lizard

    Eventually, the lizard stops having it.

  • Cat Does Circles

    So dizzy!

  • Fluffy Cat

    At least the cat gets to be comfortable.

  • It Doesn't Always Work

    "Not today, sir!"

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