Chicago Bears defensive end Julius Peppers has been called a "freak of nature" because he stands 6'7" and weighs more than 250 pounds while also being able to buzz around the football field with the speed and agility of a much smaller man. If Peppers' combination of size and skills makes him freakish by NFL standards then how do we describe a young man who stands just as tall (although is quite a bit lighter) and is still in the 8th grade?

First of all, if you're on another team, you don't worry about descriptions. You do what the boy co-starring in an image going viral is doing: You run.

Jarnell Stokes, a member of the University of Tennessee men's basketball team, started quite an Internet commotion when he shared an image of his "lil big bro," Isaiah, playing football against a much, much smaller opponent., a website tracking the recruiting efforts of the Vols' basketball program, also shared the image on Twitter. In another tweet, the website noted that Isaiah is 6'7" and weighs 225 pounds.
Ever wonder what a 6'7 225lb 8th grader playin football looks like?Here's "little brother" of Jarnell,yes UT is recruitin him

Since Jarnell tweeted it on Sunday, the image has been turning up all over the place (and Isaiah has been retweeting mentions of it). USA Today described Isaiah as "possibly the scariest 8th grade football player ever." Sports Grid, meanwhile, envisions a future when Isaiah is all grown up and a "10-foot-7 terror" on the basketball court.

At that point, not even Peppers may want to tangle with him.

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