Paula Deen's been called naughty lots of times, most often by health-food advocates critical of her butter-heavy cooking style. And she's been called sexy at least once, by no less an authority than Maxim magazine.

But today's release of a raunchy Paula Deen blooper reel video by the New York Post may provide the first occasion to call her naughty in a sexy way.

Deen's own team originally edited together the video to be used by a company called "Celebrity Chef Tours" to introduce Paula at certain public-speaking events. (The clip seems to have been released as part of a legal settlement between Deen and the company.) As such, it's not all that offensive -- it's tamer than Sandra Lee's unauthorized outtake real from last year, for example. Most of the profanity is bleeped out.

Still, there's plenty to chortle over in Deen's outtake reel, which is embedded above. At one point, she says, "My ass ain't pretty." She mimes fellatio on a chocolate eclair. She even compares the odor of one of her concoctions to that of a "stinky coochie." Appetizing!

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