09/25/2012 10:54 am ET Updated Sep 25, 2012

Sparkasse Bank Blown Up By Bumbling Thieves in Nottuln-Darup, Germany

Would-be thieves had a blast trying to loot a German bank.

The bumbling thieves underestimated the power of their explosives when trying to loot a cash machine in Germany, according to Spiegel Online.

Instead of simply cracking the ATM at a Sparkasse branch in in Nottuln-Darup, the crooks destroyed the bank and inflicted serious damage on nearby apartments and businesses, the Daily Mail said.

The explosion shook the small town on Sunday night and sent debris flying 300 yards from the epicenter.

"They simply used too much explosives," said a police spokesman cited by the Daily Mail

The full extent of the damage hadn't been calculated, but was estimated to be worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

No on was hurt in the blast, but apartments above the bank are uninhabitable.

It's unclear how much money was stolen, media reports said.


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