The bacon shortage is coming!

That's according to a recent press release from the U.K.'s National Pig Association, which warns that the pork shortage in Great Britain may soon grow into a worldwide issue.

According to the association, a shortage of bacon is now unavoidable -- an opinion mirrored by a Financial Times report that blames droughts in North America and Russia for the looming deficit, which will also include price hikes.

In short, it's a foodie's worst nightmare. Kiss those BLTs and maple bacon ice cream treats goodbye.

But there is some good news. While there may be a bacon shortage at the local supermarket, there will never be a shortage on the Internet.

Here's a slideshow of some of the best bacon-themed GIFs the web has to offer.


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  • Zombie Sink Bacon

    Bacon hot from the pan appears to slither around a kitchen sink in this fascinatingly bizarre gif.

  • Bacon Cooking

    This bacon is sizzling up a storm. Mouth watering yet? You can find us at the nearest IHOP. Seriously.

  • Will Dance For Bacon

    What wouldn't you do for a slice of bacon? Apparently, not many things.

  • Sale On Bacon

    There's a bacon shortage coming, people! Time to stock up.

  • You've Been Bacon'd

    Six degrees of Kevin Bacon? We'd rather just have bacon. Kevin may come too if he would like.

  • Ron Swanson Likes Bacon...

    So you should too. As the old adage goes, everything tastes better with bacon. Obviously.

  • When People Ask Me How London Is Treating Me

    Lady Gaga is a global tastemaker (see what we did there?) So if she says bacon's cool, who are we to disagree!

  • Whenever I Make Food

    Bacon strips are the best accessory--especially for really large slabs of raw meat.

  • Beggin' For Bacon

    This dog smells bacon! It's enough to make anyone sit and shake.