09/26/2012 08:22 am ET | Updated Sep 26, 2012

Conan Rages Against Elisabeth Hasselbeck Questioning Obama: 'She Didn't Even Win' Survivor (VIDEO)

President and First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by "The View" on Tuesday, the same day the president addressed the UN General Assembly, and he got at least one pointed question from none other than former "Survivor" contestant and outspoken conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck. This apparently blew Conan O'Brien's mind and he just couldn't let it slide.

"Who the hell's Elisabeth Hasselbeck... She won a reality show... she didn't even win! She was, like, fifth!"

Take a look at the clip above and let us know if you were similarly aghast.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Conan's opening gag about Obama's "smooth" answer to Hasselbeck's question leads into an edited clip. The president did not, in fact, answer the question by wishing Barbara Walters a happy birthday. We regret the confusion.


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