'Community' Season 4: The Greendale 7 Are Back And Weirder Than Ever (PHOTOS)

09/27/2012 06:11 pm ET

It's been a long and stressful summer for fans of NBC's "Community," which has seen its creator, Dan Harmon, ousted and its timeslot shifted to Fridays alongside the unspectacular "Whitney."

But now we can pack up our goatees and leave the darkest timeline, because the quirky comedy returns on October 19 (8:30 p.m. ET) and if these newly released promo pictures are any indication, it's just as kooky as it always was. There's even a cameo from "Animal Practice's" Crystal, who reprises her scene-stealing role as Annie's Boobs. The real test will be when the premiere actually airs, of course, but at Comic-Con, the show's new executive producers promised that their priority was "keeping it this weird, wonderful gem it's always been."

Check out the photos from the first episode of Season 4, entitled "History 101," and weigh in with your predictions below.

'Community' Season 4

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