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Too Much Sex? Is 300 Times A Year Unrealistic?

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How many times is too many when it comes to sex?

That's the question readers considered Thursday after reading Marcy Miller's recent HuffPost blog on post-divorce dating. The piece detailed a series of dates Miller went on with a man named Fred, a "tall, fit, intelligent and interesting" 60-something billed as the "catch of the century" by those who know him.

Miller and her date were getting on famously until date number three, when Fred casually asked her if she liked sex. When she said "sure," he proceeded to let her know that he did, too -- quite a bit, in fact. According to Miller, Fred expects to do the deed 300 times a year. To put that in perspective, the average American has sex 151 times a year, according to a 2012 survey by Trojan condoms. (Not exactly the Kinsey Reports, we know, but we'll assume the latex company knows what they're talking about).

Miller was taken aback at Fred's expectations. Some of our readers agreed and had a hard time believing that a man in his 60s could possibly have sex that frequently. But other commenters said the Fred's quota was entirely reasonable, even pulling from their own sexual experience to defend the man's sexual appetite.

What do you think: Is expecting to do the deed 300 times a year unrealistic? Check out the debate below to see what both sides had to say, then let us know who you agree with in the comments.


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Having sex 300 times a year is unrealistic

"...I'm 62 and I'll bet the farm that the 300 times a year statement was something HE couldn't follow up on. I don't doubt that he could THINK he wanted to get it on every day but .....I like sex as much as the next guy, but at my age ..I much prefer quality over quantity ANY DAY.....and the two or three day (sometimes more) break between encounters makes it THAT much better......I think he was bragging on something he couldn't follow up on."- ming099

"I think her objection to this guy was not how many times he wants sex but the fact that he seems to feel that he can just demand it. She was probably worried that he would be one of those guys who isn't good in bed. I also wonder if he could actually do it 300 times in a year? Sounds like a nice round number that he aspires to."- fmd

"60 year old 300+ time a year? Not possible.... except for the Coolidge effect.... I think the story goes that the president and Mrs Coolidge were visiting a farm. Mrs Coolidge remarked that the rooster was having sex many many times a day.. and the President remarked something to the effect: yes but with different hens each time...So, sure its possible 300x a year at 60 if you have a different mate every night..."- Tony Dakota

Having sex 300 times a year is realistic

"300 times a year is neither crazy nor unrealistic. My wife and I discussed this candidly and, truthfully, cannot recall two consecutive days over our three year marriage when we did not have sex at least once."-MorallySuperiorAtheist

"Are you serious? 300 in a year is easy. 300 in 100 days is easy... 300 is not enough for one year.”- Leah_Kaliszewski

"Most people my age have sex multiple times a day when they find the time to be with their partner. 300 is 3 times a weekend getting it in twice. Not that hard to accomplish by any means."- phazeroftruth

"This is one of the reasons that men look for younger women with a healthy appetite for sex and have strong Libido. 1 time every week or every 2 weeks is kept for the nursing home days."- grizzly bear55



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