Celebrity Odd Couples: Beautiful Women With Normal-Looking Guys

09/27/2012 01:24 pm ET

Providing hope for men everywhere, a slew of beautiful Hollywood women have found romance with totally normal-looking men. Case in point: Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell. "If Brad Pitt gets Kristen, it's like, 'Well, of course he did," Shepard told Playboy magazine this month. "With me, it should be, 'Oh, good, a normal-looking guy got her. Maybe I'll get me a Kristen Bell.' But guys hate my guts for always dating women I have no right to be with."

Here, a slideshow of beauties, from "Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks to Jennifer Lopez, whose men could also be in serious danger of gut-hating fury from their peers.

Hollywood Beauties With Totally Normal Boyfriends