WSI-Oak Ridge, Nuclear Weapons Plant Security Contractor, May Be Terminated

09/29/2012 11:42 am ET

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. -- The Department of Energy wants to terminate the security contractor at a nuclear weapons plant in Oak Ridge, Tenn., after an unprecedented intrusion by three peace activists.

A statement from the National Nuclear Security Administration released Friday said it has formally requested that WSI-Oak Ridge's contract be terminated. WSI-Oak Ridge is a subcontractor under B&W Y-12, the managing contractor at the plant.

The security contractor has been criticized for its poor response when activists broke in on July 28. They cut through fences and defaced a building that stored the plant's uranium. After the intrusion, top officials at WSI and B&W were removed from their positions.

The statement said the department has "no tolerance for federal or contractor personnel who cannot or will not do their jobs."

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