If you've already followed everyone on Twitter and seen every ashamed animal and still need something to fill up the rest of your afternoon, you're in luck.

It's Wednesday, which means we're back with 7 more sites to distract you right on through til the weekend.

As always, be sure to vote for your favorites and let us know if you come across any awesome time wasters you think we should feature.

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  • Fake Louie Episodes

    A <a href="https://twitter.com/FakeLouieEps">Twitter account</a> that has a lot of ideas for Louie episodes. You'll be surprised how spot-on they are.

  • People vs. Places

    Photographers Timothy Burkhart and Stephanie Bassos have <a href="http://peoplevsplaces.tumblr.com/">started a project</a> where they take one roll of film and expose it twice. The first artist takes pictures of just people, and the second artist takes pictures of just places. The results are pretty beautiful.

  • Kids in the Hall Confessions

    Fans of the Canadian sketch show have <a href="http://kidsinthehallconfessions.tumblr.com/">a safe space</a> to talk about their geekdom.

  • TDW Geek

    The Daily What's sub-site just for <a href="http://thedailywhat.cheezburger.com/geek">nerd culture</a>.

  • Short Form Blog

    Their motto <a href="http://shortformblog.com/">says it all</a>: "Read a little. Learn a lot."

  • Meme Meme

    Just a collection of <a href="http://meme-meme.org/">quality funny stuff</a>.

  • UCB Comedy

    <a href="http://ucbcomedy.tumblr.com/">All of the latest</a> from the Upright Citizens Brigade's awesome sketch and improvisational performers.

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