In case you hadn't noticed, we spend a lot of time on the internet around here. You know what the internet is full of? Dancing photos of food.

All we came here to do today is stare at food GIFs with you guys. So... commence staring. We brought some napkins for drool-control, and also just in case you spit out whatever you're drinking, because a lot of these make us laugh uncontrollably. Warning: these are going to make you really, really hungry (or giggle uncontrollably, as we said).

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  • We can't get over this one. <em>via <a href="">Uncommon Food</a></em>

  • Marnie from HBO's "Girls" totally understands how we feel about cake. <em>via <a href="">What Should We Call Me</a></em>

  • Guys. This is <a href="">brisket from Franklin Barbecue</a>. And it is the best thing we have ever tasted. <em>via <a href="">Captain Havoc</a></em>

  • This ferret is really upset about the <a href="">peanut butter recall</a>. <em>via <a href="">Reddit</a></em>

  • We're pretty sure grilled cheese is the key to world peace. Who could be mad while looking at this? <em>via <a href="">Murray's Cheese</a></em>

  • How we feel when someone brings too many items into the Express Line. <em>via <a href="">Reddit</a></em>

  • We're not the only ones mesmerized by this one, right? <em>via <a href="">Durianeko</a></em>

  • This one gets us every time. <em>via <a href="">Food Gifs</a></em>

  • Why is this funny? No idea. But you're laughing, aren't you? <em>via <a href="">Reddit</a></em>

  • This is what our dreams look like. <em>via <a href="">FOOOOD</a></em>

  • Alice, we totally feel you, girl. <em>via <a href="">Fungi</a></em>

  • Trick question. <em>via <a href="">Murray's Cheese</a></em>

  • This is pretty hard to argue with. <em>via <a href="">Buzzfeed</a></em>

  • Lunch just looks better when it's dancing. <em>via <a href="">Candid Appetite</a></em>

  • We can only eat ramen for lunch once we see this. <em>via <a href="">SoowaniiiFood</a></em>

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