Confession: Sometimes we can be a little jaded about what comes down the runway. Even when it's super weird. So, we've enlisted a few friends of HuffPost Style to share their first reactions to some of Paris Fashion Week's craziest looks.

Check out our slideshow below to see what Blythe Haaga, who is the producer of NPR’s “How To Do Everything” podcast, and her two friends from improv class, Megan Redfearn and Maria Randazzo, had to say about Chanel, Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier and more.

Step over Joan Rivers, the new fashion police are in town!

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  • Chanel

    “Are those real pearls?” “No, but my sweater powers most of Denmark.” - Blythe Haaga "From Babysitters Club to runway designer. Way to go, Claudia!" - Megan Redfearn Photo: Getty Images

  • Saint Laurent

    "Glenn Close's costume from '101 Zebras.'" - Blythe Haaga Photo: Catwalking

  • Leonard

    "Proving the 'put a cummerbund on it' rule of fashion." - Blythe Haaga Photo: WireImage

  • Akris

    "Hillary Clinton’s version of a sweatsuit." - Blythe Haaga "Jaundice is the new black." - Maria Randazzo Photo: Catwalking

  • Ground Zero

    "Cannot. Escape. Gangnam. Style." - Megan Redfearn Photo: Getty Images

  • Costume National

    "50 Shades of Amish." - Blythe Haaga "Breaking Amish." - Megan Redfearn Photo: WireImage

  • Loewe

    "This was an Eagles Snuggie before the color and logo wore off." - Blythe Haaga "Foreskin Forward." - Megan Redfearn Photo: Catwalking

  • Jean Paul Gaultier

    "Boy George, she's got it!" - Maria Randazzo "Boy George looking very svelte!" - Megan Redfearn Photo: Catwalking

  • Comme Des Garcons

    "Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your… forget it, just use that flour sack as a parachute." - Blythe Haaga "Brony 2012" - Megan Redfearn Photo: Catwalking

  • Veronique Leroy

    "I'm ready for dinner!" - Maria Randazzo Photo: WireImage

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