"Taken 2" is coming out this weekend, and if you're anything like us, you're huge fans of the franchise. First of all, Liam Neeson's daughter gets taken. Then, Liam Neeson finds her and brings her back to safety, but not before kicking the asses of terrorist masterminds. It's an excellent idea and an excellent movie.

Our only problem is the name, "Taken 2." It lacks the inspiration that all "Taken" fans have come to expect. But it's not too late to change the title -- in fact, the producers were probably just too busy making a great movie come up with another title. In that spirit, we've come up with some suggestions they are free to use. See you at the movies!

  • Taken Again
  • Give And Taken
  • Takin'!
  • Uh Oh, She's Lost
  • Tekken 2
  • Kidnapped Twice!
  • Taken My Wife, Please!
    • A Very Taken Christmas
  • ¿Dónde Está Mi Hija... Otra Vez?
  • Have Been Brought
  • Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Been Taken
  • Take This!
  • Take That!
  • T. Akin
    • My Daughter Has Been Taken
    • You Have Taken My Daughter
    • By This Time Next Year, You Will Have Taken My Daughter Again
    • Not Without My Daughter!
    • Taken 2: 4 The Taken
      • Takened
    • Yo, Don't Take That
  • Taken, Egg & Cheese
  • The Taken
  • Taken 2: Lost In New York
  • Tyler Perry's Madea Been Took
  • Truckin'
  • Got
    • Take A Look At Me Now
  • Take Hard With A Vengeance
  • Taken Too!
  • Extra Taken
    • National Lampoon's Taken Vacation
  • Hold The Taken
    • Taken 2: Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something Taken
    • Take A Chance On Me
    • Taken 2: A Very Particular Sequel
  • Stolen
    • Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Taking But Were Afraid To Ask
  • Repo Man
  • Mo' Taken, Mo' Problems
    • Bill & Ted's Taken Adventure
  • Ice Age 4: Taken
  • Take Take Take, Take Take Take, Take Your Booty
  • Rakin'
  • Takin' It 2 Da Streets
  • Take Out
  • Clay Taken
  • Don't Go Takin' My Heart
  • Taken 2: Electric Taken
  • Looper

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