Sure it hurt our little hearts to hear Mitt Romney talk smack last night about our third favorite Sesame Street character (Elmo = No. 1, Oscar = No. 2). But we couldn't just sit idly by.

Mitt Romney, like every single human with the pulse in this world, admitted he “loves” Big Bird during the first presidential debate on Wednesday. But the governor also declared that public broadcasting will come under fire if he’s elected to the job of commander-in-chief. He’s simply not willing “borrow from China” to subsidize such educational and heartwarming programming.

After Romney finished making his case, we dried our eyes, vented along with 20,000+ angry tweeters and mobilized into action.

Here at HuffPost Impact, we’ve assembled a five-step plan to save the seven-foot beloved bird from getting booted from the stoop at 1-2-3 Sesame Street so that at least one show every day can be brought to us by a new letter.


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  • Support PBS

    Fine, Gov. Romey, you don’t want to fund PBS? Be that way. We’re not concerned. Supporters of PBS will never let Sesame Street and its other didactic programming go. So, we’ll just dig into our own pockets to make sure that we always have shows that prevent us from turning into <a href="">this guy</a> and <a href="">this guy</a>. <em>Donate to PBS <a href="">here. </a></em>

  • Sign Petitions

    Big Bird advocates have taken to petition website to rally for a number of causes surrounding the threatened yellow guy. <a href="">One pissed-off parent wants to make sure Big B gets to stay on the air </a> and another supporter<a href=""> wants to see the gawky character moderate the next round of debates</a>. <em>Find out about these, and other petitions on, <a href=" bird">here.</a> </em>

  • Fight Bullying

    Don't just be a bystander as Big B gets singled out for no apparent reason. <a href="">Mitt Romney has been lambasted for bullying in the past</a>, and his latest target is just as undeserving. Rommbott, why do you gotta do our feathered friend like this? And, it looks like it's not the first time the good bird has been pushed around -- watch this <a href="">"Sesame Street" episode</a>, in which the feathered puppet gets taunted for his huge feet. Tear! Make it stop. Learn how you can help fight bullying through <a href="">Sesame Street and</a>

  • Follow Big Bird's Updates

    Since Wednesday night, <a href="">@BIGBIRD</a> has garnered 21,003 followers. And with <a href="">tweets like,</a> "Hey Mitt Romney: today's Sesame Street is brought to you by the letters L I A & R.” it’s no wonder why. To stay abreast on the down-and-out bird’s trials and his plans for 1-2-3 Sesame Street domination, follow his latest updates and share them with your network.

  • Create A Meme

    The meme may be the Internet's greatest weapon to express collective feelings of anger, elation or, frankly, any emotion whatsoever. So, it's only fitting that those fighting for public broadcasting are using the powerful image tool. Check out the <a href="">Political Big Bird meme generator</a>, complete with everyone's favorite feathered puppet sporting a very presidential-looking tie. Some of our favorites include, "Mr. Romney, Sesame Street is brought to you today by the letters F & U" and "Part of the 47%, Save Big Bird." Create your own Big Bird meme to share on your social networks <a href="">here</a>.

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