10/05/2012 03:24 pm ET

Eric Freeman's Animal Paintings Depict The Unnatural World (PHOTOS)

In the world of shamans, yogis and Burning Man diehards, animals are the invisible spirits that protect us. But in painter Eric Freeman's equally trippy world, the animals can't be missed.

Freeman's birds and beasts roam free in bright colors that only appear in electrified dreams. Realism takes a backseat to the color spectrum, and we have to say, we like it! Until the impossible happens and the world's population of flamingos turns neon pink, we'll have to settle for our imaginary spirit animals, the occasional lurid dream and Freeman's version of the animal kingdom.

Click through the slideshow below and let us know how you feel about Freeman's color choices:

Eric Freeman

Eric Freeman's works will show in the "Modus Operandi" group exhibition at Boswell Mourot Fine Art In Miami from October 6 through October 31.