While word on the street was that Big Bird would NOT be doing any television appearances following his unexpected mention during Wednesday's presidential debate, 'SNL' apparently made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Despite it being seven hours past his bedtime, the Sesame Street star stopped by Weekend Update to comment on Romney's promise to stop subsidizing PBS, and in the process, educated Seth Meyers on tweets and told a political joke of his own.

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  • Robin Williams: Sesame Street

    Williams explains conflict.

  • Joel McHale: Sesame Street

    McHale explains prickly with appearances by a cactus, a pineapple, and a porcupine.

  • Ken Jeong: Sesame Street

    Jeong and Elmo explain deciduous. Who remembered what this was before they saw this video?

  • Tina Fey: Sesame Streets

    Tina Fey steals books with the Bookaneers.

  • Margaret Cho: Sesame Street

    Cho goes through the full range of emotions.

  • Jason Alexander: Sesame Street

    Alexander in a full disco outfit.

  • Wayne Brady: Sesame Street

    Wayne Brady between two slices of white bread.

  • Carol Burnett: Sesame Street

    Burnett teaches us what a nose is and what it does.

  • Jack Black: Sesame Street

    Black shows he's a master of disguise.

  • Jim Carrey: Sesame Street

    He's got happy feet and sad feet.

  • Jon Stewart: Elmopalooza

    Special shout out to a young Jon Stewart and David Alan Grier singing for "Elmopalooza"

  • Bill Cosby: Sesame Street

    Cosby does the alphabet.

  • Billy Crystal: Sesame Street

    Crystal shows off his basketball skills and sees a weird U.

  • Jane Curtin: Sesame Street

    There's a lot of static in this, but it's nice to see Curtin sing the alphabet.

  • Ellen Degeneres: Sesame Street

    Ellen and Elmo: sort of the same.

  • Danny Devito: Sesame Street

    Devito, as a street urchin, has a laugh off with Oscar the Grouch.

  • Conan O'Brien: Sesame Street

    A bunch of celebrities sing a song.

  • Anna Faris: Sesame Street

    A handsome prince brings Anna Faris some gems.

  • Judah Friedlander: Sesame Street

    Friedlander is spectacular.

  • Ricky Gervais: Sesame Street

    Elmo believes that Ricky Gervais is a celebrity and therefore can sing a lullaby.

  • Whoopi Golberg: Sesame Street

    Golberg talks about being different than an owl (with a prankster owl).

  • Jonah Hill: Sesame Street

    Hill explains what you can do with a mustache.

  • Jimmy Fallon: Sesame Street

    Elmo inspects Fallon's elbow.

  • Nathan Lane: Sesame Street

    Lane sings a song with three lovely back-up singers.

  • John Leguizamo: Sesame Street

    A young Leguizamo becomes Captain Vegtable to make sure Sesame Street is eating healthily.

  • Jay Leno: Sesame Street

    A young Jay Leno teaches kids about riding. He's also <a href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0235918/fullcredits#cast">the Crimson Chin</a> on "The Fairly Odd Parents."

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Sesame Street

    Although this video isn't really safe for kids (it's an outtake), we couldn't resist this video of a young Louis-Dreyfus.

  • Cheech Marin: Sesame Street

    Marin plays a singing genie.

  • Amy Poehler: Sesame Street

    Poehler isn't necessarily up to every challenge (like lifting a cow) but we still love her.

  • Richard Pryor: Sesame Street

    Pryor does the alphabet (in an amazing hat).

  • Ray Romano: Sesame Street

    Romano gets frustrated at Grover's constant distractions.

  • Paul Rudd: Sesame Street

    Rudd likes the "iant" part of the word.

  • Amy Sedaris: Sesame Street

    Sedaris as Snow White teaches us what seven minus one is.

  • Ben Stiller: Sesame Street

    Stiller meets some exciting people from his neighborhood.

  • Seth Rogan: Sesame Street

  • Sofia Vergara: Sesame Street

    Vergara teaches Elmo the Spanish word for dance.

  • Andy Samberg: Sesame Street

    Bert calls Samberg an "haiku lover" and a "pancake visionary."

  • George Lopez: Sesame Street

    Lopez explains liquids to Elmo and Abby.

  • Neil Patrick Harris: Sesame Street

    Patrick Harris explains what curly means.

  • Craig Ferguson: Sesame Street

    Ferguson and Elmo perform an experiment with chickens.

  • Ty Burrell: Sesame Street

    Burrell and Abby conjure a hexagon.

  • Jason Bateman: Sesame Street

    Bateman tells a full narrative.

  • Julie Bowen: Sesame Street

    Elmo looks up Bowen's nose.

  • Wanda Sykes: Sesame Street

    Sykes calls Elmo "little E."

  • Cedric The Entertainer: Sesame Street

    Cedric the Entertainer gets frustrated with Abby for not "poof"ing him a canteen.

  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Sesame Street

    Ferguson uses the worst possible example to explain fragile to Cookie Monster.

  • Adam Sandler: Sesame Street

    Sandler tries to explain "crunchy" while Cookie Monster eats a big cookie.

  • John Krasinski: Sesame Street

    Muppet-esque Krasinski tries to explain soggy (which we understand can't really end well).

  • Jim Parsons: Sesame Street

    Parsons confronts his fear of spiders to explain the word "arachnid."

  • Johnny Galecki: Sesame Street

    Galecki and Abby try to "transform" a pumpkin.