Crow Intelligence, Memory Research Suggests Birds Don't Forget Your Face (VIDEO)

10/08/2012 07:54 am ET
  • Cara Santa Maria Science correspondent, Huffington Post; editor, Talk Nerdy to Me

You may have heard that an elephant never forgets, but did you know that adage may be more descriptive of crows? As dark as they may seem (they do flock in "murders," after all!), crows are incredibly complex, intelligent creatures. They are also highly social and have coexisted with human beings for millennia.

I spoke with Dr. John Marzluff, professor of environmental and forest sciences at the University of Washington, to learn more about these fascinating creatures. He wrote three popular science books about their incredible brains and behavior, and I learned a lot talking to him. I hope you do too. Watch the video above and click the link below to learn more. And don't forget to sound off by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page. Come on, talk nerdy to me!


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