10/08/2012 10:53 am ET

Food Tents By Field Candy Are Basically The Only Way We'll Camp (PHOTOS)

Field Candy

Around here, we relate to camping in a way you will probably find unsurprising -- we're pretty much there for the food. There's just something about cooking over an open, wood fire, drinking coffee from an enamel mug, maybe dashing a bit of whiskey into it to warm up on a brisk evening that appeals to us. We know that people love hiking and trailblazing and birdwatching -- that's great, please enjoy. We'll stay behind and tend to the beans over the fire.

It is for these reasons that Field Candy's food tents are making camping feel especially appealing today. While these tents aren't cheap (they run between $600 and $800), they'll certainly help you stand out at the campground. Who could resist crawling into their watermelon-wedge-shaped tent for a good night's sleep before a day of more campfire cooking?

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Food Tents By Field Candy

[via NPR Fresh Air]