He sure didn't escape by the skin of his teeth.

Last June, Stephen Evans stayed two days at a guest house in the Welsh resort town of Llandudno, the Daily Mail reported, but then skipped out without paying the bill.

Since the 29-year-old had used a false name and address, the hotel proprietors would have had no way to catch him, had he not left his DNA-covered toothbrush behind.

Police used the DNA evidence to identify Evans, who is a LLandudno resident, according to the BBC.

Evans recently admitted in court that he did not pay the £64 bill. He was ordered to pay the £120 to the guest house owner in costs and compensation, and is also prohibited from going out between the hours of 8 pm and 8 am for the next four months.

DNA testing succeeded in nabbing this bill-dodger, but can it find Bigfoot? In May, scientists in Switzerland and the UK teamed up to analyze organic remains that some people believe belong to the legendary creature.

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